Taiwan, Macao, odds and sods


























1/ First picture is some of the “naff” presents for family back home. I thought, what “naff” thing can I get them? Waving cats of course; and they are ideal- no excuses for letting the batteries run out “accidentally”, so they stop waving; no,these are solar ones!

2/ Next picture is of lovely Wong Shek pier in Sai Kung country park, HK.

3/The next 4 pictures are of Macao. I spent a couple of days there, at the week-end – Chinese New Year decorations, typical street in Macao, flashy casinos, lots of old Portuguese architecture- there are lots of contrasts in Macao.

4/ The next 6 are of the stunning Taroko gorge in Taiwan, a very beautiful place on the east side to Taiwan. Lots of trails to walk along. I was there last week.

5/ The next 2 are people taking their birds out in Tsing Yi. I also have seen parrots in peoples bicycle baskets, or just being carried. Not tethered- they are very tame presumably.

6/ The next one is an offering; I see this sort of thing on the pavements from time to time.

5/ Next is wild monkeys- a male with his girlfriend, blocking my way down from the 1000 Buddhas temple on the mountain. After 10 minutes I had to walk all the way back up again and take the other path down. They would not move! I would not fancy being bitten by a wild monkey in HK.

7/ My interest in signs again- the last of the 3 I just do not get the meaning?

8/ Next one is a bar in Sai Kung – not sure I would fancy drinking under a bloody great cows head!

9/ Next one is “things in jars” in a Chinese medicine shop- reminds me of the film “Alien?”

10/ I often see this at Chung Fat estate, Tsing Yi, older men viewing games of Mahjong or Chequers. it amazes me here,  how they wear coats, when the temperature is still 20-22 C often, and still humid- I am perspiring!

11/ Finally, my apartment tower block with the Chinese New Year decorations= really nice, but the dragon does look a bit grumpy!

Well, I leave HK on Friday, but hopefully should be back in the Summer for a few weeks locum, if things work out. I have all the “ingredients” of ID card/work permit/bank account etc., still to work in HK.024023015023003013001014007009032