The Adventures of Timothy Mills MRCVS – Book 3 – A Bit of a Do in Beijing


Once again, Timothy Mills finds that his seemingly innocent new job, this time in veterinary practice in Beijing, has a hidden, dark side.

It is a ‘front’ for supplying illegal drugs to drug dealers in Beijing, and not too surprisingly this involves the Triads again.

He tries to find out who the main organiser of the operation is with the help of his illustrious girl friend – Suzy Wong, and as always seems to happen, this gets them into all sorts of trouble.
But with the help of their friend from a previous escapade – “Shanghai Lil”, they manage to pull it off.

In the third book of this light hearted series, the dynamic duo of the Vet world manage to find out the identity of the main organiser of a drugs racket, and get their own back on an old enemy, with the help of the practice’s most unpalatable pets.

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