The Adventures of Timothy Mills MRCVS – Book 2 – A Bit of a Do in Taipei


Vet Timothy Mills gets himself into trouble, this time in Taipei, Taiwan, when he comes across some illegal animal parts from endangered species for Chinese medicine.

Once again his girlfriend, Suzy Wong who is a real force to be reckoned with, has to step in and try and keep him safe, as they set off together to try and “put a spanner in the works” of this illegal trade.

This finally takes them to Shanghai, and to the factory where the Chinese medicine is made posing as dealers in the trade– but a night at “Shanghai Lil’s” club changes everything.
Will they manage to deceive the factory boss and get the evidence they need and escape back to Taiwan, or will they get found out and face the inevitable severe consequences?

The second book of this humorous, very light hearted series, with the intrepid pair again getting themselves into all sorts of trouble.