The Adventures of Timothy Mills MRCVS – Book 1 – A Bit of a Do in Hong Kong


Young Vet Timothy Mills, is very much out of his comfort zone when he gets a job in the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and finds himself being blackmailed by the triad boss of Hong Kong into doping one of his own racehorses.
Luckily he meets and teams up with Suzy Wong , the triad boss’s daughter who really knows how to take care of herself and seems to be able to do anything- all learnt at her boarding school in Hong Kong.
After his scheme to trick the triad boss is detected, Suzy quickly takes control as they are chased all over Hong Kong Island.
Their escape seems almost impossible as Tim gradually realises that practically everyone he knows well seem to be involved with the triads.
Will they manage to escape to Taiwan and safety in Suzy’s uncle’s old junk, or will Hui, the triad boss’s huge bodyguard manage to apprehend them?

An easy to read, very light hearted fictional tale about two likable characters who become the unlikely targets of the triads.

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