The Adventures of Timothy Mills MRCVS


When Timothy Mills left school at fifteen to work in the local chicken factory, he never dreamt that he would become a Veterinary Surgeon. But time in the RAF with nine months living on a tiny coral island in the Indian Ocean was bound to make him re-think his life. It was also bound to get a young man into a few situations. As was life as a Veterinary Surgeon…

These are the true stories of the author using the pseudonym of Timothy Mills in this book.  Essentially thirty three true, light-hearted and humorous stories. Approximately half depict the lighter side of life on a tiny coral island, with men sometimes behaving badly to while away the nine months spent there. The other half are “Vetty” stories from the author’s subsequent years as a Vet, about things that should not really happen to a Vet; but sometimes do.