Hull 10K Run

2 photos of me- the only “selfies” i have ever taken. Show me before and then 50 minutes and 5 miles later, after a run on a pretty cold night, at the beginning of April (Hence the clothes.) Note the position of the hat – carefully chosen, Super Dry, slightly too big, number 2 son’s hat. This is so it slowly slips down over my face, thus ensuring I am even less likely to be recognised running through the town of Market Rasen, late at night on the way to Willingham Woods, looking as though I am about to burgle someone’s house. I am training for the Hull 10 K run on the 10th of June. The training is so it will be the fun run it should be, with me on “cruise control” not “self destruct.” My number 2 son is running also. I am running for my China Clinical Skills Vet Appeal: my son is running for the Hull Homeless Community Project. If you would like to sponsor either (or both?) of us  for this, please click on : then Donate at the top, then the relevant donate button. Secure payment can be through Paypal, or just a bank card. ????