China clinical skills followed by Hong Kong in May

Back to Hangzhou University for 10 days, followed by a couple of weeks locum in Hong Kong.
As usual a few things need maintenance – one of the I/V arm valves was broken by a nurse, so I have had to make a sort of drip cup for it under the valve, the DIY in-tubation model that looks a bit like a Scottish pair of bagpipes, needed an overhaul, and I like to make a few improvements, so this year I will only briefly show the fine needle aspirate technique, as it takes too long for each student to have a go until successful, and expand the bandaging. Hence, each student can try splinting a leg (greenstick fractures) and for this I had to recruit another poor Teddy from a charity shop, and do some surgery for some legs for them to practice on (along with the 2 large toy dogs which are hopefully still in the hospital). As usual I had to make 50 odd suture pads from foam rubber and thin Chamois leather. A bit boring! but each only costs about 40 pence, as opposed to about £10 each for proper ones. They work really well (Cost for the 50 students= £20 versus £500 for proper ones).
Funding? I have not actually got any this year, but I have a couple of ideas starting after I return. Thankfully I am in the International Halls of Residence again= big cost saving