Taiwan, Macao, odds and sods

                                                1/ First picture is some of the “naff” presents for family back home. I thought, what “naff” thing can I get them? Waving cats of course; and they are ideal- no excuses for letting the batteries run out “accidentally”, so they stop waving; no,these are solar ones! 2/ Next picture is of lovely Wong Shek pier in […]


I had a great time in my few days in Singapore – I had forgotten how hot it had been in HK, as it is much cooler there now, but about 30 Deg C still in Singapore. I arrived early at 12, on the Thursday so I had half a day to explore, then the interviews on the Friday (plus a lovely Chinese meal with other members of the RVC staff, followed by a walk along the beautiful sea front […]

Christmas day on Hong Kong Island

                                                                                            1/ Photo 1- Christmas dinner Hong Kong style, in one of my favourite coffee bars in the IFC mall on HK Island. Actually, I am a bit worried about the cake; I know what […]

Some Christmas bits in “Honkers” plus a few extras

1/ The first 6  pictures are of HK Wetlands Park, some way from Fanling. In fact I was getting a bit  worried on the bus because we seemed to be getting very close to China, and I did not have my passport with me. It is a great place to chill out in away from the bustle of HK. They had some really good displays mainly for children (they get many school visits there) and it was good to see them […]

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces 1/ Me celebrating my version of Friday(= a Tuesday when my week generally finishes) in Starbucks in Tsing Yi, when I have finished for the week. The teeth are due to “crib biting”, a vice carried out by bored horses. 2/ I think they love “officials” in HK. I believe “tobacco control officers” really do exist! 3/ They do some lovely cakes in HK, but very, very, expensive. 4/ and 5/ I love some of the company […]

Macau – the so called gambling “Vegas” of China

Just one hour by ferry from Hong Kong (HK) – but very different. Ex Portuguese, hence the signs in Portuguese and Chinese. The only legal place in China where gambling is allowed (apart from HK Jockey club). Hence, very popular. When you leave behind the many huge casinos, and hotels, there is a lot more to it. Cute narrow streets with small shops and some really pretty Portuguese architecture in the old parts. Much more interesting and with much more […]

All about signs

The first series are signs along Tsing Yi promenade. I have never been to a place where there are so many! As you can see, before the random extra sign I took at the thousand Buddhas temple (Beware of wild monkey attack), not content with placing them all along the one mile odd of promenade, they even put them on notice boards also! I think basically they are saying that you cannot do anything. Perhaps the Leisure and Cultural Services […]

Some pictures of some temples and a nunnery, I have come across in my travels

There are lots and lots of mainly temples in HK, China and particularly Taiwan. Many, actually, are quite similar. Here are just a few of them that I have visited. 1-8 inclusive is the temple at Sha Tin, New Territories (NT), HK. The “Thousand Buddhas” temple, and there is Buddhas everywhere! After “The Big Buddha” monastery, which I have already shown, this has to be the most impressive religious setting in HK. It is a temple on the top of […]

Hats in Hong Kong

Around the streets of HK, are good ladies who like to clean, and I gradually realised some of the interesting hats they wear to keep the sun off. A/ The very first picture is a little different – somebody fishing, not with a helicopter on their head, but  in a sort of “umbrella hat.” Very useful in a strong wind, for para gliding as well. B/ 1/ This first picture of street cleaners, looks very like a lorry hub cap […]

China clinical skills- 2016

The hospital was indeed larger – and much better designed inside. I believe in about 2-3 years time they are moving to an even much better site, actually on the campus. The workshops this year went even better. I had a much better designed, and larger room with air con. This made teaching a lot better. They even had all the bits and pieces I left there last year – including the dog. So I had 2 dogs (I had […]