Back in HK for months locum after 1 week in Hangzhou, teaching clinical skills















































































































Picture 1  Hong Kong airport- now on an island called Lantau island.

2  Firework display celebrating 20 years since Hong Kong returned to China. Very spectacular, but sadly poured with rain the moment the display started.

3/ This is always quite “cool.” Lots of women dancing at night on Tsing Yi waterfront, to modern Chinese Music. Not line dancing but proper dancing!

4/ They are mad on the Minnions there at the moment. There is even whole shops now such as this one, just selling the merchandise.

5/ Tai O fishing village, island of Lantau – just a bus ride from the “Big Buddha”

5/ Shek O beach on a really hot and humid day

6/ Shek O

7/ Up on the headland of Shek O – so much cooler!

8/ Wanshek pier

9/ A big thing I came across when walking along one of the walks at Wanshek pier. There was 2 of them – actually quite large. As I am supposed to be an animal doctor, I should “stick my neck out” and try to identify these things; according to Darwinian principles and embryology, taught at Vet College.

I think it was a big, fat “squidgy,” chubby thing.Gaily perambulating along the outback of the New Territories. It had lots of legs, and it waved and whistled as it drifted by.

10 and 11- They h ave some really fantastic displays in the shopping malls. These two are advertising films currently on at the cinemas.