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Taiwan, Macao, odds and sods

                                                1/ First picture is some of the “naff” presents for family back home. I thought, what “naff” thing can I get them? Waving cats of course; and they are ideal- no excuses for letting the batteries run out “accidentally”, so they stop waving; no,these are solar ones! 2/ Next picture is of┬álovely Wong Shek pier in […]


I had a great time in my few days in Singapore – I had forgotten how hot it had been in HK, as it is much cooler there now, but about 30 Deg C still in Singapore. I arrived early at 12, on the Thursday so I had half a day to explore, then the interviews on the Friday (plus a lovely Chinese meal with other members of the RVC staff, followed by a walk along the beautiful sea front […]