Monthly Archives: June 2016

China clinical skills- 2016

The hospital was indeed larger – and much better designed inside. I believe in about 2-3 years time they are moving to an even much better site, actually on the campus. The workshops this year went even better. I had a much better designed, and larger room with air con. This made teaching a lot better. They even had all the bits and pieces I left there last year – including the dog. So I had 2 dogs (I had […]

The “Big Buddha”

On the island near me (Lantau) Is Po Lin Monastery and the “Big Buddha.” This is certainly well worth a visit, because it really is a big Buddha. In fact it is a bloody big Buddha – the biggest I have ever seen! Rumour has it he is waving towards China because the Chinese government put up a lot of the money to build it, and presumably that was the “deal.” As usual, even though it is up in the […]