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Article in Veterinary Times

For people who read the Veterinary times, look out for the authors forthcoming article “A Bit of a Do in China.” A brief article about his latest visit to China – Shanghai, Zhejiang University Hangzhou, and Xiamen. All money received goes to Chi Heng Foundation and Save the Children charities

When the Vet says they are going to “do an FNA”, are they swearing at you?

Well, no, not usually. Life is full of abbreviations in certain professions. I do not think a Vets life has as many as human doctor’s yet – my wife is a human nurse and is always going on about “DVT’s” (deep vein thrombosis), “Becoming Hypo”(becoming hypoglycaemic), and having “an M I”(myocardial infarction). Perhaps in the medical profession things have become a bit “OTT” with abbreviations (Over the top). So what is an FNA.  An FNA is a fine needle aspirate. […]