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Welcome to Timothy Mills - Coffee & Books

Funding the China Clinical Skills Vet Appeal. By buying a coffee/book, you contribute to the appeal. Here you can find information about the Timothy Mills books and Koffee Kat coffee pod. You can purchase all of the books here, in soft cover and electronic formats, suitable for most e-book readers.

About the China Clinical Skills Vet Appeal - using models, not animals, to practice skills.

In China, the training of vet students involves the use of experimental cats and dogs, to practice invasive techniques - including surgical procedures. Often the same animals are used repeatedly. I hope my workshops (now in their fourth year in 2018) impress upon the Vet schools and Vet hospitals how much better the Western way is - using models, not live animals to train vet students. Click 'read more' to find more information on my Facebook page or read my story by clicking here.

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About the Author

The author is a practicing vet who writes the books under the pseudonym Timothy Mills. He lives in Lincolnshire with his wife and too many pets.

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